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To whom it may concern,

      I would like to provide the highest recommendation for both David and Melodye Linn as well as the training/teaching program and facility at Quail Run Farm.

      I came to know David and Melodye Linn when my husband, Tim, and I brought our young gelding, Jack, to Quail Run Farm in December of 2001 (see Tim's letter). Over the next 6 months Jack's transformation was incredible and a true testament to the extensive skills, talents, and integrity of both David and Melodye as trainers, riders, and true horsemen. The quality and professionalism of the facility and of the Linn's themselves are self-evident in the immaculately kept facility and the thoroughness of care and attention each individual horse receives. In addition, the atmosphere is both friendly and comfortable, a perfect environment to optimize health and learning for both horse and rider.

      Jack was carefully and thoughtfully brought along from a willful but friendly 6-year-old with rudimentary basics to a strong, willing, correct and lovely horse; a true gentleman with great potential. Each challenge Jack presented the Linn's was addressed firmly but kindly, with care not to destroy his willingness to please. The Linn's truly cared about Jack and NOT taking shortcuts, they developed him methodically and only proceeded to the next sep when he was mentally confident and physically ready. In addition, the Linn's went to great lengths to ensure that Tim and I were "trained" (on the ground and on his back!) as well to ensure our success with Jack when we brought him home this month. The transition has gone smoothly and the system continues to work, another testament to the Linn's abilities as trainers of both horse and rider!

      In addition to working with Jack, I brought my mare, Justin, Jack's mother, to Quail Run Farm for dressage lessons with Melodye. Melodye's teaching ability is clear, concise, and methodical and the system she conveys is showing significant results in all the horses I ride and the students I teach. I find the lessons with Melodye to be both fun as well as challenging. I'm always amazed at the results she is able to get out of me and my horse. I am so thrilled with what I am learning and by Melodye's depth of knowledge, I am arranging clinics at our farm so that my students and other local riders can benefit from her expertise.

      I highly recommend taking advantage of the training and learning opportunities with the Linn's at Quail Run Farm.

Robyn Ryan, Fredericksburg, Virginia - 5/30/02


To whom it may concern,

      Melodye and David Linn have been working with my horse, George, for almost six months. I purchased George, a six-year-old Irish Draught/Thoroughbred gelding, two years ago when my husband and I were living and working in London, England. Upon our return to the United States in December 2001, we brought George with us. 

      I purchased George as a dressage prospect and pleasure hack, but soon after the purchase, George sustained a back injury and rested for three months. Afterward, George was unhappy to return to work, most likely due to his memory of pain and his lack of confidence. I worked with many reputable people in order to bring George along, but unfortunately with limited success. By the time we were returning to the United States, I knew that I needed to find a special place suitable to both George's confidence and my confidence.

      After an extensive search in both Virginia and Maryland, I chose Melodye and David. Not only were Melodye and David professional in their conduct (for example, the promptly returned all our telephone calls and were very willing to answer any questions), but they were also truly interested in George. Unlike many other people I contacted, Melodye and David immediately asked questions and had genuine concern regarding George's previous training and medical history. Although both Melodye and David have impressive professional backgrounds, they never came across as arrogant or self-consumed, but rather they both seemed to truly love their profession and the horses. 

      From the moment of his arrival in the United Stated, Melodye and David have taken impeccable care of George in a very professional, yet very kind, manner. They take great care in monitoring his health, and work closely in conjunction with the veterinarian, farrier, equine dentist, and other professionals in coming up with ideas and programs as to what is best for George. Due to his previous back injury, they have also taken great care in structuring an appropriate training approach tailored to George's individual needs. In such a short time, George had improved by leaps and bounds. his strength, self-confidence, and self-carriage have improved dramatically, yet Melodye and David have managed to preserve George's sweet and gentle nature. In addition, Melodye and David have worked with me to restore confidence in my riding and I look forward t the development of both my and George's education in dressage and horsemanship.

Karen J. Ebert - Rockville, Maryland


Dear Melodye and David,

      How can I possibly thank you enough for all the great things you have done for me. I have had trainers through the years who were pretty good, but until now I have never experienced excellence. Your approach to training is exactly what I believe it should be. The professionalism and honesty that you have consistently shown is very often hard to find in the horse world. 

      Since you started with Tony in October of 2000, he has consistently progressed from a green 8-year-old to a mature, honest and fun 10-year-old. His body has changed so much as he has developed the right muscles and topline. He is well behaved, healthier and a much happier horse as well. Your philosophy of always considering the horse's welfare has visibly made a difference with Toby. Of course, I can't write this letter without mentioning my darling Bella the Dutch Warmblood filly that was born last year to your mare Tavea, and who I was lucky enough to buy. She has consistently shown her good breeding by being a delight to handle. If she is always as sweet as her mother, I am very blessed indeed to have her. You are obviously on the right track with your breeding program considering the wonderful horses you have produced.

      Please let me finish by saying that if you ever need a reference, feel free to have anyone contact me and I will be happy to elaborate on the above issues. You will always receive the finest recommendation from me.

Debi Kirkner - Honeybrook, Pennsylvania - 4/5/02



Dear Melodye and David,

       I currently have two of my horses boarded at Quail Run Farm in Marshall, VA, under the care and training of David and Melodye Linn. I can say, without hesitation, that the care my horses receive is the best that I personally have ever experienced. The Linns are absolutely dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each horse, as well as providing meticulous care of every horse. My 3-year-old Oldenburg Warmblood was started under saddle by David and the results have far exceeded my expectations. The horse is presently a relaxed, confident youngster, who is balanced and on the aids. He is happy in his work and looks phenomenal under saddle.

       Melodye has been training my 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding for just five weeks and the improvement in this horse is nothing short of amazing. She has helped him relax, become supple and use himself correctly. She has helped me to further understand the training scale and the discipline of dressage - how and why to use the riding aids correctly and the resultant effect each one has on the horse. She is clear and precise in her teaching method and imparts confidence and enthusiasm in her students.

       The facilities at Quail Run Farm are superior - with beautiful pastures for turnout, a large indoor arena, and spacious stalls. All are kept exceptionally clean and orderly. I have owned and ridden horses for 30 years and can say it is rare to find people so capable and professional with true commitment to their work. I am excited about the ongoing progress my horses and I will surely make with the Linn's help.

Catherine Pagliuca, Powhatan, VA - 1/25/2002


To whom it may concern,

      I wish to relay my gratitude and thanks to David and Melodye Linn of Quail Run Farm for the outstanding training they provided my horse, Jack, from the period of 25 November, 2001 to 26 May, 2002. Although Jack recently celebrated his 7th birthday he had not had any formal dressage training. My goal for him is to event, and I knew from previous competition on Jack's mother that good dressage is fundamental to doing well in this fascinating sport. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons, I have not been as dedicated to Jack's formal training as I would have liked, and was very excited to have met David and to find out that he and Melodye are professional horse trainers. 

      After visiting the beautiful facilities at Quail Run Farm and talking with David and Melodye about their training philosophy, I felt very comfortable leaving my "boy" in their care. Jack's training not only included dressage fundamentals, but he also was taught good manners while being tacked up, and how to survive even though he spent the night in a closed-door stall! Jack had been raised in a very informal environment where he was free to come and go in his stall as he pleased. So, the stall training was very important, and I must say he grew to like his stall very much as both David and Melodye told us he would.

      If you are considering placing your horse at Quail Run Farm under the tutelage of David and Melodye I hope that in some small way my recommendation encourages you to take the next step and enlist their help. They are outstanding dressage trainers and make sure that not only your horse learns his duties, but also that you, the owner, learn their system so that when your horse leaves Quail Run Farm, you'll be equipped to continue the routine and keep your horse on the path to success.

      Even though Jack has left the farm I continue to train with David and Melodye because both Jack and I continue to improve our dressage with every ride. I'm excited about Jack's future competitive prospects, and plan for David and Melodye to remain a vital part of my training routine.

Tim Ryan, Fredericksburg, Virginia - 5/30/02


Dear Friend,

       Melodye Linn has been teaching my 16-year-old daughter, Emily, and her six year-old horse, Snap, on a weekly basis since November 1999. Emily, a member of Cheshire Pony Club since 1994 is a C2 rider. Snap had no dressage training when Melodye first started working with him. Although Emily has always made steady progress in her riding, her skills have improved dramatically since she has been working with Melodye. Snap, too, has grown in leaps and bounds. This month, they have successfully competed in a sanctioned dressage show at First Level. Under Melodye, Emily and Snap understand the basic communication of aides and have a firm foundation to move to much higher levels.

       Melodye is experienced in all aspects of horse management and is extremely knowledgeable about dressage and dressage competition. More importantly, she has that rare quality of being a successful professional who can also teach. Melodye does more than offer an outstanding weekly lesson, she has designed a program of dressage training that is customized for Emily and her horse. Melodye assessed Emily and Snap's strengths as well as areas that needed improvement and developed a plan that has proven to be very successful. She sets goals and consistently uses positive feedback as well as verbal and visual reminders of progress to date.

       Since we train at a distant facility, I often stay and quietly watch the lesson. It is a pleasure to watch Melodye, Emily and Snap work together. It is immediately apparent that Melodye loves teaching young riders. She demands excellence from Emily, but she makes every lesson fun. She is never cross or critical of horse or rider. She is extremely positive and builds confidence in many ways, ending every lesson with a success and praising hard work. I enthusiastically recommend Melodye Linn as a trainer for any rider interested in dressage.

Mary Rodger, Unionville, Pennsylvania - 2000


Hello to all,

       I have been training with David and Melodye for approximately, two years now, and they have undoubtedly been the best two years of my "riding" life, in terms of improvement and achieving my personal goals. I had owned, trained and ridden my horse, Nickaremus, for about ten years when I first met David and Melodye. Nick and I has pretty successfully mage it to the second level, showing mostly at local schooling shows. I wanted to take on the challenge of bigger shows, but I also knew that Nick and I really weren't ready for that, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why...why I couldn't sit Nick's trot comfortably, why I couldn't get a true lengthening or extension from him, and why he felt so strong at the canter. 

       Enter Melodye and David...I began working mainly with Melodye, and she ever so gently began to take me apart and put me back together again. It's been a hard two years, but never before have I learned so much. Under Melodye's watchful eye, I have learned so much and I have developed my seat and other skills to where I can now truly put Nick "on the bit", get him through and correct. I've learned to utilize the "training scale" and it's wonderful to realize that, when everything else is correct, the "tricks" (half-pass, etc.) come pretty easily! But as well as the technical aspects of riding, I've also learned much from David and Melodye in regards to care for my horse. They have what I guess you could call the "whole horse" approach to training. They're concerned with every aspect - the horse's health, mental well-being, and physical well-being. If they ever had a problem with a horse, the first avenue was always to look for a physical problem before assuming it was a behavioral one (and usually there was!).

       I could go on and on, but let me close by saying that, as a reference, my horse speaks for himself. He's almost 18 years-old now, but over the last two years I've seen him improve dramatically. He's stronger, more fit, and more in tune with me now more than ever before. He's not the same horse he was...he's mush better! What more can I say except that I give Melodye and David my strongest reference - not only as trainers, but as we say in the south, "they're good people!"

Susan Knutson - Statesville, N.C. - 1998


Dear David & Melodye,

        We can't thank you enough for the work you've done with our yearling - what a difference you've made! Although he was always a good foal, when he turned a year old his attitude started to change. Not having any prior experience with foals, we didn't know to what extent we could discipline him and consequently he was getting harder and harder to manage. Thank goodness we sent him to you, David, when we did. You punished him immediately when he was misbehaving, and just as importantly, praised him when he was good. Even after just one session with you, he had a new look of respect in his eyes. After spending six weeks with you he not only learned many new skills, but he came home a gentlemen (no more nipping!). I truly feel that you have changed this horse's life for the better. We will definitely be sending him back to you when it's time to start him under saddle. Thank you both again for the excellent care you gave him, for teaching us how to work with him, and for always making us feel welcome when we visited. We would highly recommend you to anyone having horse-related problems!

John & Ann Lamb-1998



       David Linn has been an employee of mine for the past two years. He is currently co-managing my new state of the art training facility. As manager his duties include all facets of horse care as well as warming up horses under my supervision. During David's time in my employ I have always found him to be reliable, industrious, honest, and above all else, a very experienced horseman. I have seen David work with numerous young horses and have seen his approach to be patient, kind, and firm. He is skilled in riding difficult horses. In summary, I entrust my FEI dressage horses to the care of David. This is not a responsibility which I delegate lightly. I am always certain that my horses' care will be first class.

Hokan Thorne - North Carolina - 1997


To Whom It May Concern,

       This letter is a recommendation for David Linn. In February and March of 1996, David had my young mare in training. Regina is a powerful and spirited horse. Though she is not mean, she has a definite mind of her own and is easily distracted. She had bucked me off twice and I was seriously considering selling her. David worked patiently, kindly and firmly with her. Regina now seems to be past her bucking fits and more easily accepts the working relationship of horse and rider. Davis has wonderful skill in riding difficult horses and developing their brilliance and confidence. I watched David work with Regina and other horses on many occasions and was impressed by the quality of his riding, even of Regina's worst days.

       I would highly recommend David to start any young horse and if the opportunity would arise in the future, I would be happy to have him work with my horse in the future. On the interpersonal level, I enjoyed working with David as a trainer. He is quick and knowledgeable when dealing with difficulties or emergencies involving horses. In summary, David Linn has been a very positive part of my horse's development and in my growth as a horse person. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any more assistance.

Nancy R. Gehrman - Minnesota - 1996







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